Fedora with Freed-ora

Pimping Fedora can in no way substitute for the real BLAG experience, but it works – and is less cumbersome than liberating *buntu, as described in a previous post.

Here we go:

  • Dump your Fedora .iso on a USB stick or such. Run and install.
  • Check and install any updates.
  • Install FSFLA’s libre kernels as described here: http://www.fsfla.org/ikiwiki/selibre/linux-libre/freed-ora.en.html.
  • Installing the package freed-ora-freedom will prevent most non-free stuff from being added by accident. However, freed-ora-freedom will not install until all non-free on your system is removed – so before attempting this, reboot with a libre kernel. If your system is running fine, remove Fedora’s kernels and linux-firmware. You will find libre firmware, kernel headers, modules and such in the freed-ora repo. While you are at it, also remove other non-free firmware and the package microcode-ctl if installed. Don’t worry – freed-ora-freedom will complain about specific packages until they are gone. When ready, go ahead and install freed-ora-freedom.

Believe it or not – that’s it!

You may wish to disable selinux on startup. This can be achieved by opening the file /etc/selinux/config as root, and setting the value “SELINUX=” to “SELINUX=disabled”. Someone has yet to find a backdoor in selinux, but it is after all developed by the NSA – and not very useful on most desktops.

You may also want to install the *free* part of RPM Fusion as described here for extra codecs, media players and such. **

** Note: The free section contains programs that are licensed with the Fedora Project but have a portion of code that is subject to software patents (prohibited in free software in the United States).


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