Coreboot ectool

Coreboot comes with a couple of utilities, one of which is ectool. There doesn't seem to be much information about the tool, but what it basically does is set configuration data in address space of the EC. To set the battery charging thresholds to 53 % and 80 % for the lower and upper thresholds, one would execute ectool twice like this:

# Battery start threshold with coreboot: 0x35 = 53 %
./ectool -w 0xb0 -z 0x35
# Stop threshold 0x50 = 80%
./ectool -w 0xb1 -z 0x50


Ectool ectool is a small utility that dumps the RAM of a laptop's Embedded/Environmental Controller (EC). It expects an EC as described in the ACPI specification. Only ACPI-compliant ECs will be detected. Installation Manual installation

$ git clone
$ cd coreboot/util/ectool
$ make
$ sudo make install


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