Alternatives against the PRISM program

Following the article on NSA and the Prism program , alternatives can be considered using other cyber-corporations.

1) Replace Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Facebook, Paltalk, Apple services that are:

Your email correspondence
your friends, your interests and your opinions centers (social networks, RSS feeds)
your research on the internet (search engine)
your documents (cloud)
your internet navigation
your home (Street View, etc.)
your bank details (Google Play, etc.)
your telephone number (Recovery Account)
your travels and your location (Latitude, Map)
your calendar
videos and music (Youtube, Google Music)
your blog (Blogger, …)
data from your mobile phone (Android Apps …)
and soon your life IRL (Google Glasses, …)
etc …

We can use:

Mail: Zoho or mail.opera
Calendar: Zoho
Contacts: Zoho or
Docs: Zoho
RSS: Feedly
Drive: DropBox
Search: DuckDuckGo , Startpage , Orange
Map: OpenStreetMap
Google Music or other: Grooveshark
Youtube: Vimeo , Dailymotion
Internet Browser: Firefox and managing bookmarks Xmarks and Delicious
Google Alert: Talk Walker Alert

Do not use Google+, Facebook, Instagram, … Prefer Twitter
Instant Messaging (Skype, AOL, …): Brosix
Blog: Transfer your blog (Blogger, …) on an independent business as OverBlog or create your own blog ( WordPress , Joomla , …)

OS: Linux , Unix , …
Changes will be made with the new platform to limit OverBlog see not use these companies.
If everyone does not use these companies, they will have more interest to exist. Other companies will resume over by redeeming but it is up to us afterwards to change our habits.

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