Migrate from WordPress to Drupal

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Login to your WordPress Admin
    • Navigate to Tools → Export
    • Download WXR File containing "All content"
  2. Make sure your XML file is valid using xmllint on the command line (WordPress Migrate is particular about having valid XML)
    • xmllint comes preinstalled on OSX
    • Open terminal and type xmllint mywordpressexport.xml
    • All XML errors will be shown (line number and exact location)
    • Make appropriate fixes to the XML
    • If you run xmllint mywordpressexport.xml and the entire file prints to the screen, your XML is valid!
  3. Install the appropriate Drupal modules
    • Migrate – robust Drupal module for migrating all sorts of content
    • WordPress Migrate – Migrate submodule that allows you to perform a WordPress migration without writing code!
    • Migrate Extras – provides functionality to import clean URLs using Pathauto
    • Pathauto – provides functionality to have clean URLs in Drupal
  4. After logging into Drupal navigate to the Find Content screen & click the WordPress Migration tab in the upper right
  5. Choose Import from a File
    • Select your valid XML file from your computer
    • If necessary, adjust import settings below
    • Choose immediate import method unless you have a really large dataset (they have options for using Drush for a "background" import)
  6. Migration Complete!
    • Navigate to Find Content to ensure your data was properly imported.

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