Factory restore for LG 3D P920

Resetting your LG 3D P920 is a piece of cake and requires no soldering. All you need is a Windows PC and a USB cable.

  1. Switch off the phone, disconnect if from the PC;
  2. Take out battery, write down IMEI that can be found on label in the battery bay, put battery back (if you already know your IMEI, then still cycle the battery);
  3. Install the LG USB Driver and LGMobile Support Tool from the LG update site (Aussies on Optus go here);
  4. Reboot PC;
  5. Launch the LGMobile Support Tool;
  6. Press – and keep pressed – the Volume Up button while connecting phone and PC via USB cable;
  7. Desktop should install more drivers;
  8. Update Tool should show phone as connected;
  9. Select “Customer Support” – “Recovery Phone”;
  10. Enter IMEI (no hyphens), “Check”, “OK”;
  11. Support Tool closes, updater software launches after a few seconds;
  12. Updater starts to download firmware;
  13. Updater then connects to phone and uploads / resets phone;

If it doesn’t work, then don’t bang your head against a wall. Try the process again. I think I may have had to reboot once or twice until I got past step 7 & 8

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