install SquidGuard! at debian 9

Install SquidGuard!
1. sudo apt-get install squidguard
2. sudo mkdir /opt/3rdparty
3. cd /opt/3rdparty    
We are going to use the list from for “testing”, since it’s 100% free for non-commerical.  For a bigger and much more through blacklist, I use It’s free to try once, and has different pricing tiers for person/school/business.
3. sudo wget
4. sudo tar xzf shallalist.tar.gz
5. sudo cp -a /opt/3rdparty/BL/porn /var/lib/squidguard/db
    sudo cp -a /opt/3rdparty/BL/adv /var/lib/squidguard/db
    sudo cp -a /opt/3rdparty/BL/spyware /var/lib/squidguard/db

6. Add this to  /etc/squid3/squid.conf , type “sudo nano /etc/squid3/squid.conf”
url_rewrite_program /usr/bin/squidGuard –c /etc/squidguard/squidGuard.conf
7. sudo squidGuard -C all
8. chown -R proxy:proxy /var/lib/squidguard/db

Edit the squidGuard.conf

Backup of your squidGuard.conf then making a new one..
1. sudo cp /etc/squidguard/squidGuard.conf /etc/squidGuard.conf.bak
2. sudo rm /etc/squidguard/squidGuard.conf
3.sudo nano /etc/suqidgurd/squidGuard.conf
Copy and paste this,

dbhome /var/lib/squidguard/db
logdir /usr/local/squidGuard/logs
    dest porn {
    domainlist porn/domains
    urllist porn/urls
dest adv {
    domainlist adv/domains    
    urllist adv/urls
dest spyware {
    domainlist spyware/domains
    urllist spyware/urls
acl {
    default {
        pass !porn !adv !spyware all
        redirect http://localhost/block.html


You can test your squidguard by doing a dry run
sudo echo " – GET" | squidGuard -c /etc/squidguard/squidGuard.conf –d

You should see,
squidGuard ready for requests
squidGuard stopped
If there are errors, it will tell you.. The most likely errors you’ll run into are permission issues.. If it gives you permission issues with your database, make sure that you set the user and group named “proxy” ownership. You can tell that by “sudo ls -l /var/lib/squidguard/db*”

You can now use the Firefox browser you setup to use with your proxy server to make sure you are blocking porn and ads. For better protection, I recommend using the blacklist from,

Finish with:
cd /var/lib/squidguard/db/; squidGuard -C all ; chown proxy:proxy -R /var/lib/squidguard/db/ ; squid -k reconfigure;  service squid restart