Linux Show List Of Network Cards

You can use any one of the following command to list network cards installed under Linux operating systems.
Please note that the ifconfig and ip commands will also display interfaces information about vpn, loopback, and other configured interfaces.
  1. lspci : List all PCI devices.
  2. lshw : List all hardware.
  3. dmidecode : List all hardware data from BIOS.
  4. ifconfig : Outdated network config utility.
  5. ip : Recommended new network config utility.
Type the following command:
# lspci | egrep -i –color 'network|ethernet'
The lshw command can extract detailed information on the hardware configuration of the machine including network cards. Type the following command:
# lshw -class network
Getting HW information about BIOS.
# dmidecode -t bios
Getting HW information about system.
# dmidecode -t system
Getting HW information about baseboard.
# dmidecode -t baseboard
Getting HW information about chassis.
# dmidecode -t chassis
# dmidecode -t cashe
# dmidecode -t processor
# dmidecode -t connector
# dmidecode -t slot
ifconfig and ip command
To see all configured network devices, enter:
# ifconfig -a
# ip link show
# ip a
The dev pseudo-file contains network device status information. This gives the number of received and sent packets, the number of errors and collisions and other basic statistics.
$ cat /proc/net/dev