Opensuse additional package repositories

This is a list of currently existing third-party repositories, meaning they're external to openSUSE. These packages are not supported by openSUSE, the packages may not be tested and the repositories can contain beta versions and other bleeding edge packages.

  • For official repositories (OSS, non-OSS, Update, Update-Non-OSS) and semi official repositories (including KDE, GNOME and Java repositories) see Package repositories.
  • For information on how to add package repositories see Add package repositories.
  • For new Linux and openSUSE users it is recommended to use the 4 default repositories (OSS, Non-OSS, Update, Update-Non-OSS) and Packman. Later on when you familiarize yourself with package management you can add more.
  • Please, make sure that you actually need a specific repository instead of blindly adding it. More repositories means more complexity in software management and needs some experience to avoid problems and, in extreme cases, system failure.