How to Backup Virtual Guest on Hyperv Cluster 2012 with Windows Server Backup

Windows Server Backup in Windows Server 2012 has feature been changed or added, which include limited support for CSV backup :

  1. Virtual machines hosted on CSV’s cannot be added as part of backup configuration
  2. Windows Server Backup has to be configured on all nodes to ensure that backup and recovery will be available in the event of a failure on one of the nodes in the cluster.
  3. Volumes recovery not supported
  4. Security access control lists are not applicable on CSV file service root. Therefore, file recovery to the root of CSV volume is not supported.

Backup virtual guests on Hyper-V Cluster  2012 can be done with command line tool wbadmin. On all hyperv host in your cluster you have to install Windows Backup tool. This can be done with Windows Powershell or GUI.  If you use Powershell console,  you must run it as Administrator.

From Powershell console run

Import-module servermanager

Add-WndowsFeatures Windowws-Server-Backup

To backup virtual guest server1 on file share \\localhost\vmbackup

wbadmin start backup -include:D:\ClusterStorage1\volume4\server1 -backuptarget:\\localhost\vmbackup\server1

D:\ClusterStorage1\volume4\server1  is location where you have vm guest files

If you want to recover your Hyper-V virtual guest server1 from backup to altenate location you simpy use file recovery.

You must find backup version at first

wbadmin get versions -backuptarget:\\localhost\vmbackup\server1

Restor your virtual guest sever1

wbadmin start recovery -version:05/22/2013-07:35 -backuptarget:\\localhost\vmbackup\server1 -itemtype:file -items:D:\ClusterStorage1\volume4\server1  -recursive -recoverytarget:x\recover -machine:hyperv1