Why can’t I get two access points to work at the same time?

Wow both the article and the comments provide incorrect setups to resolve the issue. The article itself isn’t wrong, but it’s incomplete. The comment below it suggesting to connect the access points in series is completely wrong and will cause a problems down the line.

When expanding a wireless network coverage, you pretty much have two options: multiple access points versus wireless repeater. Your network setup is more efficient if you choose multiple access points, but sometimes it may not be feasible and I’ll explain why later.

Since you have one router and two access points, I am assuming that both access points are connected via WIRE to the router. On both access points, you must disable DHCP and firewall functions. On both access points, they must both use WEP or WPA (not combination). On both access points, they must have identical SSID. On both access points they must have identical subnet and gateway. However the two access points MUST differ in IP address in the last number: X.X.X.Y and X.X.X.Z. Notice that X.X.X must be identical. Y and Z must be different. Also, the two access points MUST differ in wireless channel, preferably 3 channels apart: 1 & 6, 3 & 8, etc. The IP addresses, subnets, and gateway must be within the range of IP addresses allowed by the ROUTER.

Credits: Martin at May 28, 2010 4:18 PM